Melbourne Now exhibition.

Went to the NGV to look for the Edward Steichen exhibition, but stumbled upon the Melbourne Now exhibit. Some amazing work in there, I only had enough time to view the first of three floors.

While I was speaking to one of the gallery attendants, she mentioned that the main hall and gardens would be hosting live music, d.j's and food trucks over the summer. Definitely looking forward to that.



'You, Me and the Flock'             Juan FORD.

'You, Me and the Flock'            Juan FORD.

A large interactive work that encourages visitors to stick a vinyl cut out of a bird in flight to a landscape that wraps around the room. From the artist:

" Join in my experiment and add some birds to the flock. As you place each bird, think about the changing shape of the flock and the feeling of movement. Also think about what it might mean as the flock becomes populated with more and more over time."

'Vox: Beyond Tasmania'         Brook ANDREW

'Vox: Beyond Tasmania'         Brook ANDREW

A beautifully constructed gramophone projects from a glass case full of intricate anthropological artefacts of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people collected by Richard Berry. These skulls were collected as trophies and recorded by Berry as a great concern as Tasmanian Aboriginal people were seen to as becoming extinct. From the artist:

"The archival material and human skeleton tie together a concern for the international trade in human remains amongst other tropics. The gramophone horn amplifies this voice. The gruesome stories of how Aboriginal people were treated, their bones traded internationally, is the main focus of this sculpture."

'Light rain - and everything we know about the universe (except gravity)'         Peter KENNEDY  more on this work

'Light rain - and everything we know about the universe (except gravity)'         Peter KENNEDY more on this work

A massive light installation of consecutive mathematical formulas in bright neon. This work wraps around the central rooms of the exhibition.

'For you'        Darren SYLVESTER   more on the artist    

'For you'        Darren SYLVESTER  more on the artist


From the NGV description panel:

"Darren Sylvester's multidisciplinary practice reflects upon the tropes and conventions of consumer culture, advertising, pop music and cinema, appropriating inter nation products and 'readymades' as a way of considering how we are shaped and affected by branding. For you is an illuminated dance floor that appropriates current make up palettes offered by Yves Saint Laurent, colours 'proven' by market research to appear flattering on the widest cross-section of people. Shy dancers should not fear - everyone looks good on this dance floor."

DUNNO (T. Towels)       Jon CAMPBELL   more on the artist

DUNNO (T. Towels)       Jon CAMPBELL  more on the artist

A wall of 85 t. towels exploring the Australian vernacular and popular culture. Campbell expresses the Australian identity with humour using graphic conventions of commercial art, design and kitsch.