UFO houses of Taiwan.

So some time ago I traveled to Taiwan to see my brother show a few friends around the place. On the top of our list was to go and explore the abandoned holiday houses that I'd found pictures of on the internet. We asked around trying to find out exactly where they were, but it seemed like nobody had even heard of them. Luckily, just a few days before we were set to leave, my brothers friend mentioned something about UFO houses on the coast.

These 60's futurist style housing estate had fallen into disrepair, having been abandoned due to a belief that the area was haunted. Apparently the workers on site completed some of the homes before becoming completely convinced that evil spirits were haunting the homes.

The site was abandoned and the existing homes, some of which people had already moved into, were picked up and moved to the coast. Where the cyclone prone location gradually pulled the houses apart.

It was so bizarre exploring the ruins. We found refrigerators and cupboards still full of rotten food and dirty cutlery. Torn up beds, a basement full of hundreds of stuffed toys. House that was missing a wall full of massive fiberglass clown heads, some of which had the eyes roughly painted red so that they looked as if they were weeping tears of blood.

It was very quiet there, we stayed for a few hours.

Link to follow up post with phone photos.